Story Summary

The Baron Samedi drinks rum, smokes cigars and chases after mortal women. His wife, Maman Brigitte, is the red-haired Celtic goddess “Brigid” of Irish mythology, adopted in Haiti as their goddess of Death. Women seek her for protection–and justice. Bridget O’Brien is a red-haired waitress and burlesque dancer at a Van Nuys dive bar. She is exploited by her boss, her boyfriend and finally a sleazy attorney who attacks her–only to have her arrested for assault. Then comes the abusive prison matron. Finally, Bridget attempts to take her life. But Baron Samedi intervenes, thinking her the reincarnation of his disappeared wife. Bridget is empowered as a “Valentine vampire.” “What is that?” she asks. “Oh, you shall see!” says the Baron. Blood tastes good, but is not enough–she must feast on the hearts of evil-doers.

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Bloody Bridget is a music-driven horror/comedy, dripping with gory good fun, hot sexy sizzle and wild “Elfmaniac” visuals. Driving soundtrack care of Hollywood’s animation king Ego Plum and—of course–Danny Elfman.

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